3 Steps to learn the notes on your guitar

So you have probably learned how to play guitar using tabs (and maybe by ear) but you want to advance your skills one step further? You can try online lessons, see for example review here – guitar tricks review, or learning the fret board and the notes is an excellent way to do that for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:guitar

  1. It improves your soloing

Accurate soloing depends heavily on knowing your way around the fret board. Knowing the notes will improve your accuracy drastically and you won’t have these embarrassing moments where you think you’re playing it right but in reality it sounds horrible because you’ve missed a couple of frets.

  1. Chord construction

All of the chords can be moved around. If you know the shape of a chord, you can move it anywhere (not recommended for beginners) Continue reading

How to choose the best electric guitar for beginners

Nowadays, there are so many electric guitar brands and models that it becomes very easy for a beginner to get lost in them. The high end guitars from such companies as Fender or Gibson cost quite a bit (thousands of dollars).

However, there are also many cheaper, yet functional and stylish alternatives. Here is the list of three models that are, in my opinion, best for beginners.electric-guitar

  • Les Paul

These guitars were first produced in 1952 by Gibson (one of the leading guitar manufacturers in the world). These beauties are being manufactured for more than 60 years now. The name comes from a famous blues guitarist, Lester William Polsfuss (also known as Les Paul). There are a number of low-cost versions of these (produced by Epiphone company). This is, arguably, the best all-around electric guitar for beginners. These guitars have a thick body, which is good if you’re planning to play blues or jazz and their humbucker pickups result in a pretty good rock and metal sound.

  • The SG

Also originally produced by Gibson, these were meant to be a cheaper variant of the Les Paul (lighter too). They were first introduced in 1961 and gradually became the company’s most popular model. The SG guitars (now there are also cheaper variants being made by Epiphone) are built for harder sound, think heavy metal or hard rock. They are lighter and have more accessible higher frets. So, if you’re a fan of heavier sound, this is the model for you. Continue reading